About Us

MADRIGAL is an oasis beyond the clamor of the city where patrons may unwind and indulge in culinary excellence accompanied by exquisite wines. Each dish served at Madrigal is expertly crafted by our esteemed Chef Emma, utilizing local, premium grade ingredients each day. Our passion and pleasure is to transform traditional recipes into delectable dishes that will undoubtedly satisfy the most discerning of palates.


A Haven for Wine and Food Lovers

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind with a vast selection of wine and food at MADRIGAL. Our team takes pride in preparing each dish from scratch, using locally sourced, premium ingredients. Our goal is to take traditional recipes and transform them into delightful, unique

dishes. Our name, “Madrigal,” pays homage to the renowned form of secular vocal music from the Renaissance era that has shaped today’s world. Drawing inspiration from our name, we strive to introduce you to new, yet timeless flavors, crafted with the finest ingredients and utmost care.

Our Mission

At Madrigal, it is our utmost priority to ensure that every guest leaves with a sense of complete satisfaction with their experience. Whether you are visiting to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or to enjoy a dinner, we are committed to delivering the highest level of quality food and service to meet your expectations.

About Chef Emma

Chef Emma was born in Tabriz, the most ancient capital of both the Turkish World and the confluence of the heritages and legacies throughout the Silk Road. The city has a rich history that dates back to at least 4500 years, where you can see a blend of diverse cultures from the old nomadic traditions of Central Asia to the origins of French Bakery.

Walking around the streets of Tabriz today, you will be fascinated by the deep ties to your very own roots, even if you come from the farthest country in the world, as the city is extremely vibrant and the people living here speak at least 3-5 languages.

Tabrizi traders have been adapting cultures from all over the world and exporting them for thousands of years, much like the way bees carry pollen. Tabriz is exhausted and worn-out today due to the sociopolitical situation it faced in the last century, being stuck between three huge empires.

Despite that, the city remains the world’s top purchaser and supplier of the most expensive rice varieties, rarest spices, highest quality saffrons, caviars, and nuts because the Tabrizi culture pays for and values only the finest ingredients.  Chef Emma grew up in a Tabrizi Tradesman family as the third and final sibling alongside her two older brothers. also to mention her mother side’s grandpa was a baker and her great uncle was a State protocol and hospitality Chef. Under her father’s tutelage, she developed a keen appreciation for various forms of art, particularly Cooking and portrait painting. Moreover, her father taught her the delicate art of culinary knife skills at the tender age of seven. With his guidance, Chef Emma sharpened her abilities until she was a proficient chef in her own right.

After graduating high school, Chef Emma opened her first restaurant called “Ateş” in Tabriz with her friend, Neda. Despite its humble beginnings with only 15 tables, the restaurant was a popular hotspot for business people and families and saw a steady stream of diners every day. However, the overwhelming demand proved too much to handle, and Chef Emma had to close the restaurant to spend more time with her children.

Despite this setback, she didn’t give up her passion for the culinary arts. Chef Emma attended culinary school in 2012 and earned degrees in both Culinary and Pastry. Eventually, she opened her catering company, “Ev” in 2014 and saw a huge amount of success, catering to 1,600 people per day.

Unfortunately, being a Turkish woman in Iran led to facing barriers and systematic discrimination due to the government’s economic policies. This included hidden ethnic-based taxes and bureaucratic obstacles, ultimately compelling her to relocate to Istanbul in 2016.

In Istanbul, Chef Emma pursued another Culinary degree at Kadirhas University focusing on European, Turkic, and Ottoman Cuisine before moving to the United States.

Her professional journey in American restaurant management has been shaped by her diverse roles in the industry. Fueled by deep passion and unwavering dedication, she brought her dream to life by opening a cozy restaurant called Madrigal on September 15, 2022. Madrigal, known for its intimate ambiance with only nine tables and simple culinary tools, offers a concise menu. Unfazed by these constraints,

Chef Emma is now preparing to launch her second restaurant, Etugen, soon. Etugen Restaurant aims to celebrate the diverse cultural blend of the Silk Road by blending European, Turkic, and Chinese culinary traditions under Chef Emma’s skilled guidance. This culinary venture promises a unique fusion of flavors inspired by the vibrant historical tapestries found along the ancient trade route.